Dear Sandra,

Thank you so much for sharing your understanding and insights with me over the past weeks and months!

I particularly found that developing the “100 reasons” list was a powerful tool for pulling me out of my rut, and then developing the alternative ways to achieve that level of income led to the creation of a new project that moves several of my other goals forward, as well. And, always, your ability to reflect what I say and rephrase it in other terms has helped me to see a number of historical behavioral patterns that it’s time to release and replace in order to live my life fully – for which I am most grateful!






At times confusion abounds as if the whole structure of life is falling apart. We may face making difficult choices between undesirable alternatives or feel overwhelmed with no apparent options at all. I usually keep my own counsel. I may share one of my life’s dilemmas with friends. They may be committed to helping.  A friend listens, lets me vent, and yet generally, nothing is resolved.  It can be difficult to know where to look for qualified help and who to trust. Who is qualified and has the expertise I or my friends don’t have? 

Fortunately Sandra Tabb is a resource for loving-caring help. Her teachings and coaching are a serene voice of real wisdom and understanding, communicating knowledge and how to put it to practical use, guiding individuals to healing the collective dis-ease that we all face. She understands the interconnections in life. For me, she is a skilled collaborator for defeating life’s roadblocks. As a coach, she inspires me closer to the art of living well.”   
D. Tidland, Camas WA