Sandra has always been a counselor. From the time she was very young others sought her counsel. Her “Strategic Intervention” certification is developed through the Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes collaboration. Strategic meaning-focused development of a map through any issue, challenge or situation, intervention means; change in direction.

Sandra Tabb is a certified Bio Feedback Technician; earning that certification and continuing education from Quantum University. She was a Perceptual Sensory Trainer for a decade. PST techniques come out of Behavioral Optometry and were used in master training of NLP.

Sandra earned a Masters of Divinity degree through New West Seminary and was Ordained in the New Thought Tradition. Her undergraduate degrees were in Religion and Philosophy, Sociology with certificates in Pastoral Care, Marketing and Diplomacy at Marylhurst University in Marylhurst, Oregon.

Sandra Tabb is a searcher, researcher, trainer, coach and volunteer, as her education and life exemplifies. She was a City Counselor in Wilsonville and sat on many boards and committees.

During that time Sandra sat on the steering committee for Coffee Creek Correctional Institution, a woman’s’ prison. Her heart was touched by the women in this facility so she later led a spiritual group there through her church. A church where she served as a board member and then chairman of the board.

Sandra has educational degrees, license and certificates in Psychology, philosophy and religion, Bachelor’s Degree at Maryhurst University. Ministry, pastoral care, Master of Divinity, New West Seminary. Bio feedback at Quantum University. Woman’s prison ministry at Coffee Creek Correctional. Family First Program at Living Enrichment Center. Perceptual sensory training, Million dollar speakers training and Strategic Intervention offered by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes plus Magali Peysha and Mark Peysha.

Sandra Tabb is committed to guiding all those professionally and individually who want to live their true nature (identity). You will ultimately feel profound happiness when blocks to the amazing life you were born to live are crushed. You will experience increased productivity, profound success, and secure, loving feelings. You ARE the man/ woman you are looking for.

 All that you want to express in the world is within you  striving to grow and contribute. Applying Strategic intervention is a concrete co-creative exciting way to experience these conscience changes.

·       With your clear precise communication, outcomes in business and personal situations are astounding.  

·       When limiting beliefs disappear into expansive acceptance you feel lighter; happier.   

·       When your internal talk is familiar enough to you, the process of “Strategic Intervention” shifts any negative talk into positive experiences.  

·       When every issue you face, challenge you encounter or feelings of hurt, hopelessness and confusion, become an opportunity for a new strategy. Life for you is in harmony, balanced and peaceful.

Sandra Tabb will design with you the road map to your conscience peaceful life.


Sandra Tabb will collaborate strategies with you for a conscience, peaceful life.



As a City Councillor for Wilsonville, Oregon

Liaison to the Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce, Steering Committee and Library boards.

In Coffee Creek woman’s Correctional Institution as a board member and leader of a Spiritual Group

In Living Enrichment Center as a chaplain and developer and leader of a program called; Family First Fridays.