Hello I am Sandra Tabb, Strategic Intervention and Spiritual Awareness Coach.

I work with those who are stuck in their confusion, indecision, or lack of confidence, but are ready to consider strategies and creativity that shift group awareness into:

– Owning your impact in the world.

– Standing in a place of powerful choice.

– Claiming that you are the inspiration for all growth, peace, and connection.

Through Strategic Intervention, you will cultivate and maintain inner peace and radiate authentic personal power.



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Portrait of happy young business womanSandra Tabb is an ordained minister who is also certified in “Strategic Intervention” techniques developed through a Anthony Robbins, a strategy master for business and personal excellence, and Cloe Madanes, an internationally acclaimed psychotherapist,  collaboration.

Strategic means; Focused development of a map through any issue, challenge or situation.

Intervention means; Change in direction.